100% love it
To food what NYC's Limelight was to nightlife
Grace has been the most anticipated new restaurant in foodie-Portland for quite some time. A 150-year-old church that no one ever knew existed (it's nestled behind City Hall on the edge of an unsavory neighborhood), has been meticulously restored and has very quickly become the IT place in the city. The menu is fine, and some kinks could stand to be worked out in terms of lighting and music, but a must-see.


    • PortlandShaman
      PortlandShaman Over a year ago
      Loves it

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      18th century church turned premier artisan restraunt and watering hole. Grace is a not-to-be missed stop on a tour of portland nightlife. A one year , 2.5 million dollar renovation brought this landmark church from a defunct house of god to masterpiece gatheringplace for portlands best dressed and most infulential. All are welcome, but dont be suprised if the govenor says hello on the way to his table or if nearby resident Glenn Close stops by for an Allagash White. Come in and take a seat at the round concrete bar overlooking the open demostration kitchen. Wow!

    • berged
      berged Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Located in an old Portland church
      The restaurant is located in an old church in downtown Portland, behind City Hall. The dining area is wide open, with the bar in the center of the restaurant. Food is very good. For a full meal, a la carte selections are recommended. Portions are not large, but not small either. No offstreet parking, though valet service is available.