Fore Street

100% love it
A destination like Maine itself -- but plan ahead
A Gourmet Magazine Top 20, Fore Street seems always to be one step ahead of its reputation, but the bloom remains on the rose, year after year. The menu, punctuated by wood grilled fish and fowl, is stunning; the wine list is legendary. The overwhelming list of incredible appetizers may prompt you to do dinner tapas style. So, plan WAY ahead (even though a handful of tables are reserved for walk-ins), and be warned that the open-kitchen-concept makes for a noisy experience. The trade off is a no-dress code policy, which is usually not the MO for a restaurant of this caliber.
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    • MaineMichael
      MaineMichael Over a year ago
      Loves it

      And a place to see ...
      Ditto to Bzboyandy. And, a cool place to see celebs visiting Maine. Sat next to Barney Frank, his bf and Chellie Pingree last week.

    • bzboyandy
      bzboyandy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Um... WOW!
      In May, on a Sunday evening, this place was packed! We had called to inform the hostess that we would be late, as we checked into our hotel a little later than expected. She thanked us for calling and held our table. When we arrived, there was a card on the table thanking us for joining them and hoping that we enjoyed our first visit to Fore Street. Did we ever! Normally I am a one course diner, but the menu was full of such treasures that I could not help myself. We had a bottle of Patz & Hall Pino, which was reasonably priced. Not common for California wines, I have to say. After long conversation we started off with a chilled meats plate with Duck Kielbasa, Smoke Maine Island Lamb Rillettes and Chicken Liver Pate. The flavors were well balanced and of course, this was a rich course. When we finished, about an hour later, we finally looked at the menu. I chose the direction of the turnspit roasted meats, as there was this wonderful open kitchen with a real fire! My choice was For Street's Dry Rubbed Pork Loin served with sauerkraut annd pickling spices. The serving was huge and I gave it my best. The dish was flawless. My sweet heart opted for fish that evening. He had an Atlantic Monkfish Felit from the Gulf of Maine served with fingerlings, hokurei turnips and sweet onions. Of course, I had to try a bite or two... or five. His dish was amazing, and I have to confess... I am generally not a fan of fish. We decided that we would not have dessert. However with a glass each of wine left, we decided that a cheese plate was in order. I asked our server to choose a few for us. She did just as requested, a stinky, a soft and blue. The gathering of cheese came with breads, crackers, jams and fruits. It was the perfect ending to the adventure. Of course, this is the time to inform you. We decided to book an early reservation because we did not want to be the last table in the restaurant. The energy in the room was addictive, and I did not want to leave. So we took our time and ended up being that last table. In the mean time, no one ever rushed us. Which was a refreshing change from larger cities. By far this was my best dining experience ever!